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16th March 2014
  • we started our trip at 8.20 pm
  • we drove through Belgium, Netherland and France to Calais
  • we didn’t sleep much
  • 17th March 2014
  • about 8 o’clock we were are on the ferry
  • about 8.10 am (time of England) we arrived on Dover
  • the first stop at the day was Rye Royal
  • then we had one hour time to ourselves
  • the second stop was Hastings
  • many of us were on the beautiful beach and other went shopping
  • about 6 pm our host families picked us up and brought us to their home, our new home for the few days
  • 18th March 2014
  • at 9 am we went our school-friends at the pick-up point
  • we drove to Beachy Heads
  • there we walked on the cliffs
  • we went to Brighton, a nice little town at the seaside
  • at 5 pm we drove to the pick-up point and went to our host families
  • 19th March 2014
  • at 8 am we met our school-friend at the pick-up point
  • we drove to London and we made an sightseeing tour
  • in London we were in the Tower and saw the crown jewels
  • then we made an tour through the Tower
  • after that many of us drove with the London Eye and others went shopping
  • in the evening /afternoon we went to the musical “Thriller” of Michael Jackson
  • at 1 am we were at the pick-up point
  • 20th March 2014
  • at 10 am we were at our meeting point
  • many of us visited the “Smugglers’ caves”
  • then we drove to Canterbury
  • after that we drove to Dover
  • On the 21th March 2014 we arrived at 7.30 am in Chemnitz tired, but happy.